Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To Live a Life like that of Ruby Sparks - for 12 days.

Ruby Sparks
A movie love and magic, of feeling good and free, and ethereal. Wrong.
It shows how men can manipulate lives and women being anything and anyone her partner wants her to be.

"She" lived an entirely different life for twelve days. In a big city with a walking empty shell, she manifested. She was astonishing, enchanting and the "perfect one" for him. She played a role. A role that didn't go with her principles. It was as if she was in a trance while in a big city of lights and dreams, far from reality. She was "his" not in that sense. But it held something. Of course, it was with a time limit. Everything went on in a spiral, the using and be used, the false love, the pretension, and the make believe. She played a good role. And she enjoyed it very much.

however, it ended with the proof that how she'd seen him, is how he really is. The role was played well. and now is left in the cold, waiting for the warmth of the Truth.

She loved and hated those 12 days. Now, it's apathy. End.

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