Friday, June 21, 2013

Lemon Lollipops

First, I just want to tell you that I have quite a number of celebrity crushes in my mind right now but I just had to post this person first because he is one of the only two boys I absolutely like from his country.

My featured guy today is from Korea. Save your judgments because I am definitely not one of those thousands of Filipino girls who will gladly give their lives away to those Korean boys sporting multicolored hair, high-end fashion, and sometimes, a bit of ridiculous make-up, singing and dancing to mostly pop songs. Aside from not being a fan of Kpop, they are all too pretty and cute for me, which unfortunately do not suit my taste at all. I like guys who dress simply but impressively, coupled with a "silent, cranky" look. Don't get me wrong, though! The bad boy image attracts me but I like the inherently good guys the best. *wink wink*

My featured guy is, to be honest, not one of the hottest and most good-looking ones out there. I am quite sure  you do not even know him. He is not even my type! He has obviously an Asian face (yes, I rarely get attracted to a chinito!) and he's slim.  However, there are things about him (which you will read about later) that fascinate me. I should have actually started writing this post a loooooong time ago but academic demands did not allow me so... here goes my boy!

Name: Sung Jun
Birthday: 10 July 1990
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 187 cm
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Model, Actor

1. I like his poker face, especially his irate face.


2. I like his small smiles (he almost never fully smiles) / his smirks.

3. I like his funny faces (he makes effort in making them because his default face is his annoyed face).

4. Like what I have mentioned earlier, I actually don't like lanky guys but there's always an exception to things. There's something about the way he carries himself that makes him sexy.


5. He can play the guitar!

6. He can sing!

This song is entitled "Today" which he sang in one of his dramas, "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band." He only did a lip synch in this episode but it's actually his vocals used for the song.

Another song that he sang for "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band" entitled "Jaywalking." 

7. I have embedded a short video here of one of his interviews, which includes three things I love about him: his deep, husky voice; his awkwardness (observe how he avoids eye contact most of the time); and how he talks lazily.

8. I like the fact that he can speak in English and Japanese fluently. He went to school in England. (I couldn't find a good video on YouTube, though. Sorry!)

9. I like his music preference!!! (Here's an excerpt of one his interviews)

What kind of music do you listen to? 
Sung: I used to like modern English bands like Kasabian and Jet but now I like older bands. Just recently, my friend asked me if I listened to The Doors and I was hooked with their songs, such as “Alabama Song.” I also like hip-hop music like Kanye West’s, while it’s been years since I started to listen to hip-hop after listening to Eminem in middle school (laugh). I don’t listen to a full song but I’m the kind of person who just flips through songs. For example, I could find a hip-hop beat to be interesting but after a few minutes, I would play another song. But when I have a specific song that I like, I would listen to it over and over again. When shooting for “Shut Up,” I was obsessed with Radio Head’s “Fake Plastic Tree” and listened to it nearly 200 times. If it’s not that, I just listen to music like I’m studying it. Like analyzing how the guitarist played his instrument in the song and stuff.

To end this post, here are three of my favorite GIFs of him:

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